Том и Джерри (русская беспощадная версия) – Tired of playing cat and mouse


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28 thoughts on “Том и Джерри (русская беспощадная версия) – Tired of playing cat and mouse”

  1. The mouse still got away at the end.

  2. Lemon says:

    is it just me who came from DDOI ?
    LIKE if Yes

  3. iSnapple says:

    Now that's what I call extreme cat and mouse.

  4. HipL says:

    I came from Daily Dose Of Internet to see if the mouse it meat yet

  5. It doesn't matter if you came from DDOI, just enjoy the video goddamnit

  6. Cat: "I really wish I was a dog right now to smell out this stupid disappearing mouse"

    Mouse: "I can't believe this worked. I really wanna laugh right now but this is NOT a good time."

  7. Mouse:STAY CALM STAY CLAM, this bitch ass pussy can’t see me

  8. When you fail 3 perception rolls.

  9. Your disgusting whoever uploaded the video. You had the chance to save a life there and you didn't you just carried on recording. Before people say its all natural I don't care that mouse/rat didn't have to die as that cat gets all the food it needs and yet it does.

  10. Martha Liben says:

    Real life tom and Jerry

  11. Why You Sad says:

    The cat's expression at 0:50 had me laughing so hard.

  12. its Russia of course, what else do you expect

  13. Daily dose of internet be like-

  14. Sumit Mahor says:

    Was it able to escape from Cat???

  15. twitertaker says:

    RIP mouse, at least you can tell the story how you made a cat go insane for a minute when you are in mouse heaven.

  16. Baby Yoda says:

    This is some Tom and Jerry stuff

  17. NB says:

    at least he survived for ≥1 min
    def a new high score

  18. No happy ending for rat, buu 👎🏼

  19. williss11 says:

    I thought Cats don’t eat mice though?

  20. I want to use it as my dubbing material in the future.Can I?
    I'll specify the author and channel of the video.

  21. Samuel Skala says:

    strange how the ID of this video starts with D0G

  22. Mr Blobs11 says:

    True story of Tom and Jerry

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