Animal Planet Rare Monkey Species Discovered in Eastern Himalayas


The snub-nosed monkey is one of 211 new species discovered in the Eastern Himalayas, according to a World Wildlife Fund report. In addition to the monkey, …


21 thoughts on “Animal Planet Rare Monkey Species Discovered in Eastern Himalayas”

  1. 薄熙来 says:


  2. Admin Gridxl says:

    Go to home and sleep 😂😂😴😴💤

  3. Bohial says:

    0:02 Kim Kardashian’s look alike

  4. Well if it isn’t my favorite smoothskin

  5. Chris Ian says:

    Those monkeys remind me of Michael Jackson for some reason. I know this can be interpreted very, very wrong, by some easily offended people, but you know it's not what I meant.

  6. I watched this on mushrooms.

  7. Nick lps says:

    It’s difficult to watch these without feeling horrible for the people filming and going through the effort to do this research

  8. Is there another part to the documentary? mine cut off mid-sentance at 51:19 would love to know what happened

  9. They look like they had really bad cosmetic surgery! Thank you to the photography team. You bring us God’s amazing and beautiful creatures. You are heroes!

  10. it's all about,how the neglected monkey love and care to his half brother…i love the story…also you guy's thanks for making this video i enjoy it while I'm watching until 3:15 early in the morning…

  11. Al M says:

    28:40 noo, the sweet dad that took care of his baby when the mother didn't :'-( </3

  12. EroEquus says:

    They look surprisingly asian

  13. These monkeys are so beautiful, god makes amazing creatures

  14. Kevin Young says:

    Beautiful, gorgeous.

  15. Angie L says:

    Extraordinary documentary!

  16. Shelly Bee says:

    They are a precious gift from GOD and they are Beautiful, Thank you for this video, you guys did a awesome job and I never seen them before! MAY GOD BLESS THEM AND KEEP THEM SAFE AND FULL OF FOOD!

  17. they still alive right now

  18. D Smith says:

    M mike Michael Jackson 😂🤣

  19. I am fascinated by these beautiful creatures…now my 12 yr old son is fascinated by them…I love it.

  20. the orphan virtually raised his self hope hes ok!

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