Appalachia – The Endless Forest – The Secrets of Nature


This film explores the hidden worlds of these remote valleys, and uncovers a wealth of nature, from bears and salamanders to vultures and flying squirrels.


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25 thoughts on “Appalachia – The Endless Forest – The Secrets of Nature”

  1. Joy Walsh says:

    Spectacular photography! Very enjoyable indeed.

  2. Dan Erickson says:

    Greed kills. Cherokee Iowa.

  3. I really liked your presentation, the area is a total new view of these wonderful mountains. I like that there were not hordes of humans walking up and down streets with little to no care for the preservation of their surroundings. I would like to see others present the beauty of the States when I go to look at them not man made things that are used for the increase of wealth of themselves. I now an older person and would have liked to seem some of the beauty of our great country but my youth and finances have both past and so I search to see these places on YouTube. To bad they all are not as great as your presentation.

  4. angi seb says:

    'Born free, and life's worth living : But only worth living: ' Cause you are born free'. Andy Williams

  5. Danti Aloba says:

    Please protect our environment for the sake of god and humanity

  6. Amber says, "What?" The "first people to set foot in the unknown of Appalachia" were my ancestors over 14,000 years ago. Appalachia is a Native American name, Meredith Burgess; u need 2 go back 2 school. This space needs 2 B decolonized.

  7. Where are my Cherokee, Yuchi, Shawnee, Lenape, Muskoki peeps in this bogus video?

  8. Thanks again for sharing life with enthusiasm and passion for history,always been a fan

  9. Thanks again for sharing life with enthusiasm and passion for history,always been a fan

  10. Trial of tears so painful history..where white man went destroyed peace and life..

  11. Danny M says:

    Incredible just like fallout 76 beautiful

  12. Alfred Judah says:

    Just carried away at the sight of those landscapes, I kept wondering how old the earth really is, and who is telling us the truth: religions or science ?

  13. // THE SECRETS OF NATURE // LICENTIE AAN YOUTUBE// Appalachia– The Endless Forest– The Secrets Of Nature!!

  14. Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone

    They say that love is blind but i personally dont agree with it all the time.
    Because of love, you see more…more of each peices of your loved ones like ur lover or family… And then u start to accept them as well.. U become more understanding

  15. Slappy says:

    The Cherokee were invaders from the great lakes region, and they killed off the native Yuchi.

  16. Lisa Velez says:

    Praise God for all of His Creation

  17. Cut the music! Great video… needs no music!

  18. This is where the truth is found.

  19. Karen Lloyd says:

    i live in the appalachian mt an we have plenty of wolfs,mt lions,bears,cougars heards of dears an just about any appalachian ancestierial animal u can think of we also have elk, eagles etc. so sad we have such a bad name. i still enjoyed your video

  20. Feral Magick says:

    The Natives came from asia travelling across the barren straight, and 100% they slaughtered each other over land sections and the resources in them. Im sick of natives acting like everyone got along and it was peaceful because it wasnt. Scalping didn't start with european enemies. ~ a Cheyenne

  21. wm c barker says:

    no captions means you don't know how to read

  22. wm c barker says:

    thumbs down, I am deaf and know how to read, not like you dumb hillbilly

  23. wm c barker says:

    Cherokee=drunks and beggars now. Were once a proud nation

  24. That was unexpectedly good.

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