Bandipur Safari – Jungle Lodges & Resorts I India Travel


Video tour of the property and what to expect at the Bandipur Safari Lodge and our Safari experience at the Bandipur Tiger Reserve in India. Looking forward to …


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27 thoughts on “Bandipur Safari – Jungle Lodges & Resorts I India Travel”

  1. World Ghoomo says:

    Follow us on Instagram – for our travel pictures <3

  2. ANUSHA B G says:

    I love wildlife 😍😍

  3. Ravi Sub says:

    Nice video…………………..

  4. i visited last week and its super expensive. I reccomend everyone to bookonline at the lodge inside the park. Without On-line they wont accept walk in. Also we couldn't spot elephant or Tiger during safari which certainly based on ones luck but the route is amazing and we spotted animals on the way.

  5. Sayantan Roy says:

    background music should have been calmer

  6. Uncharted lets find our gols

  7. pls send me background music

  8. Last Outlaw says:

    Bollywood please concentrate here and make films about these wild animals with big stars.

  9. kumar raju says:

    Nice footage with clear explanation

  10. Gudallur police is giving fine to almost every Kerala car, huge amount. 5000 Rs multiples. They r charging more people. They vl threaten u that they vl keep in prison or else give money. If u don't hav deposit in ATM. They r taking sign in Balnk paper after taking money. Tamil Nadu police charging kerala cars giving false claim, saying u r feeding monkey, elephant.. etc. Karnataka descent people. Beware of this people

  11. Just i would like to say everyone that all are enjoying forests , parks zoos but no one cares about them. That i felt so sad please feed the animals like cows, buffalos, goats & birds when ever possible for you. That may not give you something but it gives u mental peace

  12. Ashok Basu says:

    Why same old drumming music???

  13. Ashok Basu says:

    And why can't you pat the elephants 😀

  14. Can you a video on massi mara Kenya.

  15. syed zakir says:

    I love ur videos, but to be frank I didn't like the bgm used in this video, the video was awesome but the bgm is annoying.. plz don't use this bgm in ur videos..
    N plz tell me the total expense through out the journey, like stay and fare of safari, m planning for this so..

  16. wonderful video and such amazing glimpse of wildlife and animals. Good that you had chance to all the animals. Thanks for the upload. interesting to watch.

  17. frawldog says:

    Great trip. God bless

  18. ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ:-) ಒಂದು ರಾಜ್ಯದ ಹಲವು ಜಗತ್ತುಗಳು ♥️

  19. BOBBY SHAH says:

    I live in Kenya and this is where the real safaris happen. India must learn to conserve and promote the wildlife tourism industry. As someone rightly mentioned, this lodge is nothing close to a real safari lodge which should be based on sustainability. The guides who take the tourists around need to be trained.

  20. How much time it takes from bangalore??

  21. Now the forest gone by encroachment of the greedy farmers now you only see patches of forest.

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