Best camp spot in Pennsylvania… #74 at Dewdrop Campgrounds


The best camp spot in all of Pennsylvania is at the Dewdrop campground…site #74. Camp spot #74 is a walk-in site and does require a steep decent, but the …


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14 thoughts on “Best camp spot in Pennsylvania… #74 at Dewdrop Campgrounds”

  1. are you allowed to swim?

  2. I have been trying to find this spot for two years, can you offer any assistance?

  3. Daniel says:

    There is no more site#74. There is only up to #73?

  4. Chas Horne says:

    I was an ad for the Dewdrop Campground. It's $19 a night.

  5. Chas Horne says:

    I saw an ad that is.

  6. Rich Parker says:

    Great video, thank you!

  7. Jason Blake says:


  8. Jason Blake says:


  9. I got my dick sucked here back in 89

  10. Nice, very nice I just booked #70 for September does anyone know does it have water access also ? Excited here in anticipation

  11. Looks like a great spot! We'll have go check it out! Thanks for the video.

  12. Bahama Jim says:

    Beautiful motorcycle ride thru there. Camt wait to come back and hike

  13. 5jr. Racing says:

    Pronounced "kinzoo"….not kinzooah

  14. chefjimmie1 says:

    Wow. Memories. We used to camp at Dewdrop every summer when I was young. From age 8-13 I used to look forward to camping at Dewdrop with my Dad, Uncle, brother and sometimes friends and cousins. We pitched a big tent, had the Coleman gas stove and lanterns. I can remember pumping up their little tanks and I couldn't pump it enough in the early years because my thumb didn't have the strength! Looks like it hardly has changed (except the price I'd imagine; I didn't worry about the price at the time but 3 dollars/night keeps popping into my head) We used to catch Bluegill, Perch, Rock Bass, I even caught a native brook trout in one of the tributary creeks running down the side of the mountains to the lake. It was a much more peaceful, happy time. Thanks for the video.

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