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Coral reef community

Coral reefs are underwater structures made from calcium carbonate secreted by corals. Coral reefs are colonies of tiny living animals found in marine waters that … source

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Common Opossum Forages For Fruit And Hunts A Moth – Oct 6, 2019

What do bats, opossums and moths all have in common? The Panama Fruit Feeder of course! All three can be found foraging at the feeder after dark. source

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aquashella #projectpiaba AQUASHELLA Exclusive: Project PIaba EXPOSED reveals NEW information about PROJECT PIABA and their mission to save the … source

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TrinketSnake Rupsundri

Trinket_snake (rupsundri) The trinket snake (Coelognathus helena) is a nonvenomous constrictor species of colubrid snake native to south Central Asia. source

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Splash Supply Company – About Us

Crystal-Clear Pond Water – Happy, Healthy Fish – Low Maintenance Splash Supply Company is a pond and waterfall contractor serving southcentral … source

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Trail Maintenance in the Forest Reserve

A short look at an afternoon of clearing fallen trees on trails in WorkCabin’s private forest reserve. source

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Ant Room Tour | Big-headed Ants

We take a brief look at my massive Big-headed Ant colony (Pheidole sp.). Raised up from a single queen over 3 years ago…now, they count into tens of … source

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Common Hill Myna at Indian Botanical Garden. | Full HD | 1080P

Common Hill Myna at Indian Botanical Garden December 2018 by Amit Ghosh. Wild India:- … source

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Cool Nano Fish Species

Cool nano fish, the Pseudomugil Gertrudae is a relatively peaceful little 1” Dwarf rainbow fish species that is very fun to watch. I would recommend this species … source

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How to make clay natural Ganesh at home

How to make clay natural Ganesh easy way……. Using basic techniques of forming clay and clay modelling tools you can create cute ganesha forms with … source

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