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Bats are power pollinators!

Hundreds of species of economically and/or ecologically important plants rely primarily on bats for pollination or seed dispersal, sometimes both. source

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Photography and Adventure with Spirit Bears in the Great Bear Rainforest

wildlife #greatbearrainforest #spiritbear Wildlife photography and adventure in the great bear rainforest, British Columbia, Canada. Join the wild and exposed … source

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Why do mule deer migrate and what do they eat? Surfing the green wave.

Mule deer migration follows the melting line of snow and the greenup of plants in the wild Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem of Wyoming. Two wildlife biolgists … source

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Denmark nature photos show, biodiversity of animals insects plants in natural habitat

This slideshow shows a tiny bit, small fraction of the biodiversity of species found in Denmark. All nature photos are taken in the natural habitat, and the majority … source

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I Bought My Dream Farm | Vlog #297

Click here to SUBSCRIBE: I finally did it! We bought the dream farm! All secrets are finally revealed in this vlog which traces our two year … source

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Pro diver captures mesmerising footage of rare feather starfish

A diver has managed to capture rare footage of a bizarre underwater creature swimming in the ocean. Professional diver, Els van den Eijnden, from the … source

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Betta Spawn Vlogs 2019 | Episode 4 | Feeding Baby Brine

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this Spawn Vlog are those of the content creator and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of … source

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How to Build an Ant Farm | Natural Formicarium

An in-depth guide on how to make a formicarium (ant farm). In this fourth episode of the series, we show you how to create a range of naturalist formicaria, … source

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Python Hunt With Trapper Mike Episode 2

Python Hunt With Trapper Mike Episode 2. this video is from the 3rd night of a recent python hunt in the Florida Everglades. I successfully remove 2 Burmese … source

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Mountain Beaver

This is a VERY RARE Rodent which is knick named a mountain Beaver and is not one. Has no tail, rather small and almost never seen ! Cindy is the Director of … source

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