Leopard Takes on 9 Wild Dogs


A pack of wild dogs happily digging into their meal did not expect it to be short-lived as this leopard ordered himself an easy drive through meal… Kruger …


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47 thoughts on “Leopard Takes on 9 Wild Dogs”

  1. Tom Sawyer says:

    What a strategy Leopard

  2. Thomas gunns says:

    It should have been leopard takes food from dogs and goes up the tree he didn't take on nobody even though the leopard would have won anyways

  3. SЯV says:

    1:30 Thug life music hits

  4. Welcome to corporate America

  5. The leopard is the real king of the jungle in my opinion.

  6. Dad says:

    2 fast 2 furious

  7. Jesus F. says:

    Those dogs are stupid i have seen videos of 5 dogs tearing a Leopard half to shreeds.

  8. Pobrecillos amimalitos, no tienen paz ni respeto de la gente, con tanto turista que quiere estar ahi en medio de los animalitos. Es como si tuvieras gente extraña en medio de tu living observandote a cada rato.Horrible. Dejenlis en paz.

  9. Wild dogs left the server

  10. The dogs wouldn't run away from the leopard. But they were surprised by it's dashing attack. Becuz infact wild dogs steal from leopards.

  11. Mik S says:

    Very smart cat indeed.
    It took the move, got them by surprise and it was gone in seconds before the dogs got their act together.
    But don't feel sad for the dogs. They're the most successful hunters in the wild.
    Intelligence and team work, together with endurance and of course, a very strong bite (typical to canine species).

  12. M.S. says:

    I liked the way they scattered.

  13. braviss Loki says:

    Very annoying those ever present loud silly tourists.

  14. Arman says:

    very good leopard,you fooled them again..

  15. Daniel Melo says:

    It's almost impossible to finish the supper without being bothered in the wild.

  16. Occam says:

    Simply amazing.

  17. Thats impressive for the leopard.

  18. Yoda says:

    Is the impala ok

  19. Sugar Daddy says:

    Wow they didn't even pretend to make a stand. Melted away as soon as the Leopard arrived. Then grabbed it and ran up a tree. What a master.

  20. Miss Diamond says:

    That leapord is a genius and empathetic animal. It took pity on that poor impala and took on those dogs like a boss

  21. LuxBroPro says:

    Wow a brave leopard

  22. This is a mistake the leopard didn't take out 9 wild dogs it took the wild dogs food came hea for nothing

  23. Damn leopard badass fuckshit

  24. Stevie Lynch says:

    This bastard that filmed this is on disturbed nut case!! If he thinks this is like going to church !! Suck motha fucka

  25. Cats are superior 👌

  26. Fadi ebrhem says:

    The leopard waited for them to eat a little and make the prey a little lighter so it can carry it up the tree without falling or slipping.

  27. Awesome! Next I want to see a truck running over a bunch of wild dogs

  28. mick21 says:

    Shit wild dog and fantastic léopard !

  29. Leopard is smarter than wild dogs

  30. I am fast as fuck boiii

  31. Bill S says:

    That was awesome

  32. rida smith says:


  33. Movie Cat says:

    I see why the leopard is on the number one spot on Nat Geo Wild's top 10 cat list.

  34. mick21 says:

    Shit tourists and shit cameramans ! I fuck you !

  35. Raw Kid 1960 says:

    Smart leopard but that 'look look' killed me

  36. Everybody is a gangsta until the real gangsta shows up!

  37. thats why i like lepard….

  38. gerry whelan says:

    Pure Chancer, was unsure for a instant there, but with the dog running why not!

  39. Sleeves 123 says:

    Thats really good. Bring your kid to a killing day. I know its nature but holy cow kids really ?

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