Meet These Cute Koala Bears! | My Animal Friends | Real Wild Junior


Real Wild Junior Presents…My Animal Friends! In this episode come and play with this super cute koala bear cub and their mother as they explore the wild and …


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5 thoughts on “Meet These Cute Koala Bears! | My Animal Friends | Real Wild Junior”

  1. Allyson Auld says:

    WTf????? Pommy bloody accents,!!!!!!!!!

  2. Graham Reid says:

    Koala BEAR. Jeeeeeeez some people are sooooo stupid. Koala bear CUB. Ahhhhhhhhh! It's a joey.

  3. This is to stinkin cute

  4. davow8 says:

    Sadly, the reality for most natural Koala communities in Australia is far different. Habitat loss from clearing for urban sprawl, highway construction, agriculture and forestry, and the effects of CC – increased wildfire and drought, are wiping these critters and many other native animals that share their habitat out at alarming rates. Great footage though and cute story line. It will be handy when they are all gone.

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