Oregon Coast


Living on the central coast of Oregon, I encounter a variety of wildlife: deer, elk, coyotes, bobcat, racoon, plus a variety of birds.  I have seen signs of bear and cougar, but until recently I have not seen any on my property. I have trail cameras set up for detecting the wildlife, and recently got a lucky day when both a cougar and a bear showed up.  The cougar was photograped during the night, so the photo leaves a lot to be desired.

img_0353 img_0302-copy

These next shots are of the very common deer and elk visitors which show up on our lawn almost daily.  I have resorted to using a motion activated sprinkled to try to keep them from eating our flowers and shrubs.  They can’t resist eating hydrangeas right down to the ground.


img_3101 img_4639 img_1439mfdc3028-copy



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