Redwoods: Among the Giants in 4K – Unique California’s Forest | Relaxing Video with Naure Sounds


Giant Redwoods known for sky-scraping forests are unique to most parts of the world. Feel relaxed and distressed! 3-hour video with amazing nature sounds in …


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32 thoughts on “Redwoods: Among the Giants in 4K – Unique California’s Forest | Relaxing Video with Naure Sounds”

  1. Kellyanne says:

    Cant believe I am actually doing this..but……first! Lol

    This is awesome, thanks for uploading

  2. Ohhh wonderfull thanks! 🌳

  3. Pat Ribbing says:

    run relay up to MJR for author of secondary rprts. rear lower trail for turn around. LCDR jto will bring asstng evid for conclusory sumation.

  4. Maple Emp says:


  5. Paul Emus says:

    Love this! Makes me want to jump in the camper and head up to the redwoods. What kind of slider/pan equipment do you use?

  6. Andre Doumad says:

    oh yeah, that's why i bought that tv … i forgot.

  7. Hii great channel ☺ Keep it up!

  8. George Rolfe says:

    Wait a minute nothing is moving. Are you just scrolling pictures?

  9. 5 Wheels says:

    What is that big roar from 1:03:10 to 1:03:15 ,, right before the scene transition?

  10. katie devlin says:

    Great relaxation videos but the obnoxious commercials ruin the ambience.

  11. Don House says:

    Thank u so much for this amazing video✌

  12. Don House says:

    I'll never get to experience this in real life so I really really want to say thank you this is something I've always wanted to see because of you I get the chance to

  13. Needs to be a 360 degree video.

  14. The image is very beautiful. The sounds are beautiful, but with several songs, especially beautiful, background, would enrich the images more. A song just does not, because it gets tiring.

  15. Nature is oue mother,they care to all time,no nature no life..

  16. This is the very finest relaxation video I have ever experienced. I love the slow pacing and the grandiosity of the upward viewing. My thanks to those who provided this to us. MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE!

  17. chivalry says:

    i bet a lot of city slickers like from New York watch these videos

  18. Please help the world. In 50 years if we won’t do anything, this place will be dominated by workers cutting down trees

  19. Not everyone has access to the Redwoods or can afford to fly there. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest but have lived in Virginia since '89. Seeing these miraculous trees, even if it's in video form, helps when I get home sick. Don't knock the viewers. The more people know about this, the more people will want to save it.

  20. danny55531 says:

    This is how Unreal engine 5 will look… seriously look at the demos for Unreal engine 4.

  21. chip says:

    S T U N N I N G ! ! !

  22. Tait says:

    "Feel relaxed and distressed!" I'm pretty sure you mean "de-stressed." Distress is what the video should be trying to cure. 😀

  23. Maceo Garza says:

    I miss the redwoods so much

  24. Azizah S. says:

    1:33:13 is my favourite moment

  25. Drew Smith says:

    Wow! That's beautiful!

  26. Lovely to watch in slow speed

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