Savannah Life Wild Africa [National Geographic Documentary HD 2017]


Savannah Life Wild Africa [National Geographic Documentary HD 2017] The life of the savannah is dictated by the weather. Every year there is a dry and wet …


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46 thoughts on “Savannah Life Wild Africa [National Geographic Documentary HD 2017]”

  1. I like this video.
    Because like the lions in the video.And is awesome and the best thing is that I am happy.’

  2. Can I reuse this as creative commons? I will share you channel link

  3. Saed. Sinan says:

    oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

  4. I love it to see the this

  5. Thank you for sharing this video.

  6. Darth Vader says:

    17:53 and again humans interfered

  7. Banks says:

    this music wack af

  8. Laud and annoying music kind of ruined it…

  9. is called the mind of students on college… let me guess next be like you don't know how nature works

  10. Hưng Duy says:

    Nature in africa is wonderful.

  11. I don’t understand how the lions make a strategy? They can’t talk

  12. For a good laugh, turn on captions.
    They were done by the same guy who signed at Mandela memorial.

  13. Hyenas are so so disgusting 🤢 🤢
    Every time snatching the the lions 🦁 hard earned Buffalo meat

  14. photo safari says:

    Had to switch off. As I have difficulties to hear when there's too much background noise the horrid music destroyed everything for me.
    I suppose I am not the only one with that problem and wish the producers would take these problems into account. And no, the 'subtitles' don't help.

  15. I have not seen an animal as worst as hyena

  16. Did anyone else try to recognize Saaba by her injury.Like and Reply if you did

  17. Abdi Piano says:

    Mufasa and simba country

  18. mitch Brown says:

    Please jump over to Buchanan hunts and have a look and leave a comment there

  19. Wtf is a keta…i tought that was cheetah

  20. Narrator : the cubs play to train themselves in buffalo hunt.

    Cubs climbing trees and branches.

  21. Michelle says:

    Soundtrack VERY frustrating… Background noise drowns out the narrator.

  22. july7nyc says:

    Oh I saw this pride in when I went to Botswana in May. The two male lions are still there and we watched the lionesses chase one of them off. It was amazing!

  23. Background noise is deafening. Can't even hear what narrator is saying.

  24. the supposedly back ground music is domineering. cant hear the narrater more than half the time

  25. SKYY says:

    Ugh why do they ad music? It ruins it

  26. Sooo females do the hunting yet males eat first 🙄🙄

  27. Neo Rock says:

    Video just ends in the middle of a scene. How are you gonna upload 3/4 of a video? Disliked video that crap

  28. Pizzacaviar says:

    Audio is shite. Can't understand a word the narrator is saying. Thanks for trying.

  29. Who Indonesian that watch it

  30. kishan says:

    Thumbnail please

  31. Jake Adams says:

    My very first thought was wow this intro music is terrible. I then thought I would be an obnoxious hater to mention it, then I scroll down and see everyone else thinks so too.

  32. John Eric says:

    Buffalo can see very little in the dark, maybe this bright ass light will help them.

  33. Mr Mister says:

    How come animal planet doesn’t show stuff like this anymore

  34. Alternate Title: "Asmr Lions of Africa"

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