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Indian Leopard: Master of Camouflage in the forests of India

The Common leopard (Panthera pardus fusca) is a leopard subspecies widely distributed on the Indian subcontinent. The species Panthera pardus is classified … source

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Walking in middle Himalayan forests, among Oak and cedar

Walking through glorious middle Himalayan forests, on gently padded trails, and oak leaf manure, ferns, grasses and light to heavy forest of Quercus incana Oak … source

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Tribal village amidst forests of South India

At a time when man is looking at setting foot on Mars, a tribe is still living in trees. They have lived this way for more than six decades. Around 40 people … source

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Sambhar deer in Assam forests

A female Sambhar gingerly treads onto a forest track before crossing over into deep jungle, in Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India. It proceeds with great … source

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Forest officials on rainy Elephant patrol in India, with bearded Muslim mahout

UPF forest officials on elephant patrolling in the forest during rainy season. This footage is part of the broadcast stock footage archive of Wilderness Films India … source

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Kanha Earth Lodge set in the midst of the forests of Madhya Pradesh

Situated in the forest of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha Earth Lodge is one of only a few jungle resorts that offer an extravagant facility with private cottages that are … source

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Our High Quality Fishes at Ardyam Koi Farm

Ardyam Koi Farm is a privately-owned 3 hectare farm land located in Central Luzon initially developed for personal and family recreation only, but as time … source

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Businesswoman Ditches Career For Giant Gators | BEAST BUDDIES

SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft Animals: A CORPORATE high-flyer has traded in her high heels and glitzy networking events to spend her days … source

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Dense forests of Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India and was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park to protect the endangered Bengal tiger. It is located in Nainital district… source

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Chitwan national park in monsoon greenery: Nepal has fabulous forests

Sambar deer in Chitwan National Park in Nepal. Two Sambar deer roam in Chitwan National Park. The Chitwan National Park is a world heritage property, and … source

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