TANZANIA SAFARI | Exploring The Serengeti


Our incredible week-long safari in Tanzania! We saw all “Big Five” African animals, met with local tribes like the Hadzabe, and traveled through Serengeti …


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42 thoughts on “TANZANIA SAFARI | Exploring The Serengeti”

  1. Pqo Lai says:

    I love my Tanzania 😘😘😘😘

  2. No place can beat Tanzania National parks they are well conserved, very nice footage indeed.

  3. Tanzania is amazing. I’m saving to visit soon!!!
    Greetings from Canada 🇨🇦

  4. Why the hell does that red haired girl looks like she's having literally the worst time ever throughout this video 😅

  5. Jona Mnyone says:

    Visit Tanzania you will never regret.

  6. Mark Fisher says:

    Who did you book this safari through if you don’t mind me asking . Thanks great place.

  7. Whay African people's lives in the old culture,

  8. Naipenda nchi yangu Tanzania

  9. I'm looking forward to be there soon😘

  10. HELLO BRAZILLIAN 😍🤔😊😉 gracias

  11. Welecome tanzania all gy

  12. Please give natural sound, music off

  13. I love my country Tanzania❤💙

  14. Youssef says:

    TANZANIA SAFARI | Best Places To Visit In Tanzania

  15. I'm from the UK. I've been to Tanzania nine times. I <3 Tanzania. Awesome people! Awesome country! Arachugga!

  16. Serengeti in kenya not in Tanzania so all are welcome

  17. Nyumbani Arusha. Karibu sanaa

  18. Ali Ebrahim says:

    Rubbish! Maasai mara in kenya is far better

  19. vikali tukos says:

    Visit kenya first kenya is a summary of africa

  20. vikali tukos says:

    Visit kenya first kenya is a summary of africa

  21. Saumu Abdi says:

    Manyara jamani nyumbani magugu

  22. It's Yuri says:

    I'm starting my journey as a Tanzania youtuber by visiting our famous wildlife and mountains!!! Next Friday I'm going to Mikumi omg I can't believe this some love fellow people and support me by subscribe to my channel and watch the video that I will post …'s gonna be fun

  23. It is called serengeti in Tanzania and maasai mara in Kenya

  24. Pleace No INVADIR área animal Natural Thank you

  25. Annah Wambui says:

    I hope you have visited our Masai Mara in Kenya too.

  26. Africa Continente mãe com as suas beldades por isso que Deus não quer o seu desenvolvimento porque perderá toda a sua beleza natural, e a obra-prima de Deus.

  27. What a great video! On our 2020 travel list!

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