These 300-Year-Old Dutch Windmills Are Still Spinning Today | National Geographic


In the Netherlands’ South Holland province, a network of meticulously preserved 18th-century windmills stand guard over the pastoral plains of Kinderdijk.


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45 thoughts on “These 300-Year-Old Dutch Windmills Are Still Spinning Today | National Geographic”

  1. Wow! How exciting it is!!!
    Hail! Nepal!!!

  2. Scorpion MLG says:

    I love ur channel but idc about windmills XD

  3. Ms Micheal says:

    Wow, they don't build stuff like they used too, huh? Amazing & beautiful, thx NatGeo; you're awesome!✌

  4. AG-Parrot says:


  5. Mr. White says:

    And Africans still can't figure out this level of technology.

  6. Just because somethings obsolete doesn't mean you throw it away.

  7. Nadine Lucas says:

    I love dutch windmills.

  8. I have lived in the Netherlands all my life and I have yet to see these windmills.

  9. King Cyrus says:

    The people that gives tours there are extremely nice, and the area is maintained very well (especially the bathrooms)

  10. 300 is not that old in regards to windmills. Natgeo is full of idiots now. Anyone see their clips about race being a social construct? Smh…

  11. Will Asproth says:

    Ohh those Dutch and there windmills

  12. j a says:

    Stolen wakandan technology

  13. I always wondered what they were used for.

  14. Kim van Gool says:

    There are people that live in there too

  15. Has no one been beheaded by these behemoths?!

  16. vaanan navin says:

    I hope Americans dont auction these……..

  17. Found my next vacation

  18. The logo of UNESCO in the video is wrong! It was suppose to have 6 pillars formed by UNESCO not plain 5 plain pillars

  19. Meanwhile, Americans rejected the idea of becoming the world leader in renewables back when Carter proposed we pursue expanding solar panels…Such sheer stupidity!!!!!

  20. R. DB says:


  21. Don Quijote will get his revenge on these monsters…….

  22. sukruoosten says:


  23. Ag Jr says:

    We need to return back to where people actually made things that last, but no, people need to make things now that are cheaper and "more modern."

  24. BigPooprr says:

    Soon to be taken over by indians,blacks, asians, and muslims ;(

  25. Surgo Neroko says:

    High quality wood or high quality hard wood

  26. SamIAm says:

    Human & nature working in harmony. Love it.

  27. TOXIC_ HOPE says:

    Waar zijn mij nederlandse Mense

  28. Save Europe from the Refugee invaders!

  29. These 19 windmills serve as a testament to the perseverance of the Dutch people over the centuries. To learn more about these well-preserved 18th-century structures, please read on:

  30. judck says:

    Reminds me of Walt Disney's The Old Mill

  31. Jaco H says:

    country of my forefathers

  32. Erik Bakker says:

    They're still standing, because unlike our American friends, we like quality over quantity, so we build with stone and brick instead of wood.

  33. UA FADHLAN says:

    Awesome. Greetings From Indonesia.

  34. You know what they say no matter giw old you are just keep spining

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