These Are 10 Most Common Wild Animals As Pets


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31 thoughts on “These Are 10 Most Common Wild Animals As Pets”

  1. Id definitely have a h hedgehog or a koala but mostly the hedgehog!! They are so adorable!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  2. can i keep a red panda as a pet

  3. What music did you use

  4. I love animals of all kinds

  5. Mr Guca says:

    No one has ever died from a tarantula bite that is just obvious.

  6. manaiabull says:

    Tasmania is part of Australia, not a separate entity

  7. Daniel B says:

    I love animals but tarantulas give me nightmares

  8. Stormy Wells says:

    My dad found a scorpions on the porch and we had it for a day or two then we let it go

  9. Tami True says:


  10. T-800 says:

    I want a koala ๐Ÿจ!!… I have scorpions, they glow in blacklight

  11. Ner' Zhul says:

    They all look so tasty, I can't decide

  12. Melo Rogers says:

    What animal is that in the thumbnail

  13. Art X Smart says:

    It sucks that the Zoo makes a lot of money off of animals wild animals .-.

  14. David B says:

    Burmese pythons released into the wild by irresponsible owners have devastated the Everglades, killing off the vast majority of mammals. They have proven very hard to locate and capture. Please don't buy these!

  15. What is that animal in the thumbnail?

  16. DarkHaze says:

    Im gonna buy a raccoon or hedgehog which one

  17. Dracul Drago says:

    I got snakes and tarantulas lol

  18. Casanova 47 says:

    I have horse cow Pitt bull English mastiff emo bird chicken peagon and bull in my farm house

  19. Josh Garvin says:

    Aussies arenโ€™t allowed to keep wallabies as pets

  20. Lamaโ€™s arent even wild animals. Lamaโ€™s and alpacas are both domesticated. Their wild ancestors are living in the andes

  21. Butch says:

    Koala or wallabe

  22. Wall Cutter says:

    Because of people who just have to have something out of the norm that we have a huge problem with Pythons. It has changed the entire eco systems and wiped out generations of certain animals.

  23. Brett Vallis says:

    My favourite one is the sarval cat I love cats do you love cats I sure know I do Brett's son โœŒ๏ธ๐ŸŽธ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿคฏ

  24. Joe C says:

    Scorpions under water?

  25. So much untrue information. Not recommending this video to be watched.

  26. Pygmy marmoset. Lovely little creature. That would be my choice.

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