Top 10 U.S. National Parks


Top 10 U.S. National Parks Subscribe: Pack your camping gear, because after watching this video you’re going to want to hit the road.


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41 thoughts on “Top 10 U.S. National Parks”

  1. We travel fulltime around the USA exploring national parks and I think lassen, pinnacles and Channel Islands should be on this list. 3 national parks that are often over looked but are just stunning!! And don’t forget that hotsprings in big bend.

  2. What about Denali National Park?

  3. Demy B. says:

    Make the same list for Europe, please !

  4. ronnyz jones says:

    Truly America's best Idea…….I have visited and camped at many of the parks out west and always feel blessed or lucky how ever to be permitted into these areas.

  5. B H says:

    This list is absolute garbage. I've been to many of the parks listed here and many more. There is no way Joshua Tree would make top 5 (it's not bad, just not top 5 material). And no park from Alaska made top 10, not even Denali? Seriously?

  6. Clay P says:

    Rmnp is the best ⛰

  7. Kendra Lyn says:

    Really? Really?! Not one park from Alaska? It's got the second most parks out of any state, it's got the largest park in the U.S., and it's got the park with the tallest mountain in North America…

  8. - me - says:

    Oof, we watched this in school.

  9. jae chun says:

    WHAT?? I live in CA but ZION is lower than Joshua and Yosemite?? Come on!!

  10. Putting Grand Teton so low should be a crime lol

  11. Justin H says:

    You showed not 1, but 2 photos, of Mt Rainier when talking about Yosemite…

  12. I'm a nature lover! Therefore I have visited 40 out of 60 National Parks in the USA and it's hard to pick a favorite since all of them are extraordinarily beautiful and unique in their own way.

  13. i love this one LOVE

  14. Never heard a more inaccurate description of Sequoia National Park. It is massive and only a tiny part of it is accessible by a "day" trip, as I think like 90% of it requires backpacking or long hikes into rugged backcountry. It also has vastly different terrains and climates throughout from arid, Mediterranean, to rain forest, and tundra. It also has the tallest mountain in the lower 48.

  15. Ethan Hay says:

    60 national parks according to my passport with I got from a national park says there is about 250…but good list

  16. pathendlem says:

    Joshua tree over glacier and Zion?!! I haven’t even been to any of them and I know that’s incorrect!!

  17. Jim Green says:

    MojoTravels, I'd have to agree with Ben Johnson below, and I'm surprised Denali isn't on the list. But, the disclaimer you gave was a good one, in that trying to pick the best 10 out of a spectacular list of far more than that is near impossible.

  18. Nick Carlson says:

    Yosemite is CROW-DED!!!

  19. Gamer Gaming says:

    Alle mich abonnieren !!!!!!

  20. Serbro says:

    US have so many beautiful wild species & nature which makes me to set house in one of the mountains near River where bears sometimes hunt fish. Such a beautiful country. Love to your nature from Serbia 🇷🇸.

  21. bento8 says:

    joshua tree on the list because the narrator was high

  22. Todd Tabbaa says:

    Grand Canyon should be #1 hands down!

  23. pbkayakyer says:

    Just ignore the eastern US. We don't need any more tourists anyway.
    Seriously though, the US has more to offer than mountains and canyons.

  24. What About Arcadia National Park in Bar Harbor Maine?

  25. Aaron Zheng says:

    I subscribe you just because you rank YOSEMITE the top 1!!! LOL

  26. Lol. When Glacier is ranked below Joshua Tree and Yosemite. Come on. 😂🙄. Yosemite over Yellowstone? I mean, seriously. Youre just making a list based on what's "on trend". Yosemite's wildlife, views and hikes are nothing compared to the of Glacier, Yellowstone or the Smokys. Acadia should really be on the list too, as well as at least 1 from Alaska (especially Katmai, Gates of the Artic or Denali), and an argument could be made for the Everglades. But sure, let's pretend that Yosemite with is hoards of people, and less impressive views and ecosystem, should be at the top of the list. 🙄

  27. 2:51 "At over a million acres, or one and a half million square miles…" WTF?!? 😵 LOL

  28. Shashank SK says:

    How is Crater Lake national park not on the list?

  29. Montana Man says:

    No Deanli National Park?

  30. Bin Ju says:

    Yosemite is no where near Yellow stone. It is great but not nearly as stunning and diversified as yellow stone. Joshua tree can't be #4 and I agree. It would have to be lowered.

  31. Any national park from Montana and Wyoming is way nicer then Yosemite. That forest is nice but not for it to be number 1 in my opinion. Heck, number 1 should’ve been Yellowstone.

  32. James Popp says:

    I love the Great Smoky Mountains NP. It is so beautiful there especially in the fall. Lot os trails and wildlife. And if any one is planning on going there I would totally recommend going to Cades Cove there.

  33. I agree Yosemite is the best NP I have seen but this is all very subjective. Some love the mountains, others love beaches, and still others love the desert.

  34. Jake Weaver says:

    Kinda misleading that #1(Yosemite) has several slides of Mount Rainier, instead of actually Yosemite.

  35. 10 Joshua Tree
    9 Mesa Verde
    8 Rocky Mountains
    7 Zion
    6 Sequoia
    5 Yosemite
    4 Death Valley
    3 Grand Canyon
    2 Yellowstone
    1 Hawaii Volcanoes

  36. Ian Mandel says:

    The Narrows Hike in ZNP ….forget the rest

  37. Colin Woods says:

    Utah could legitimately have 3-4 entries on this list.

  38. MrRex2U says:

    56 'mommie's basement dwellers' prefer their indoor existence in preference to venturing out into the fresh air and enjoy these parks haha…

  39. They all have their own charm. Can't wait to see more!

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