VALMIKINAGAR to PANIYAHWA Train Journey on a WDP4D Locomotive in Dense Forests!


A journey from Valmikinagar in Bihar to Paniyahwa in Uttar Pradesh onboard a WDP4D locomotive passing through dense forests. Train:- 19040 Avadh Express …


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40 thoughts on “VALMIKINAGAR to PANIYAHWA Train Journey on a WDP4D Locomotive in Dense Forests!”

  1. PWT says:

    the cabride is very good, because in Indonesia it is already very prohibited, so lucky in your country (India) it can still be like this, please stop by my Youtube channel too

  2. Raghav Kumar says:

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ five star for big efforts for information

  3. sajid ali says:

    Good Seen and. Good. Sooting your Video

  4. Mahesh M says:

    Thode der ke liye laga ki mai khud loko pilot hu kya…….
    Maja aaa gaya bhai… Thanks

  5. Ajay Kumar says:

    Ek baar mujhe bhi bithao na 😱😱

  6. andy lambert says:

    10:36 wow
    That's the real beauty of nature

  7. Yash Kohli says:

    Video bhot hi accha tha aur bana ke dalo asie video

  8. MD nahid says:

    Oo Bahi simrea pul h

  9. mujhe video pasand hai 😃😂😁

  10. MD Kasim says:

    Mast h bhai anvt aao

  11. LOKESH KUMAR says:

    Good video dear bro…

  12. sarie fauzy says:

    Wow nice sounds engine…

  13. Ur angle of showing is 👌 and the humming was awesome

  14. bs…yehi kaam bcha h

  15. wahid Khan says:

    αυя вαиασ νι∂єσ єиgιиє кα

  16. Ranju Singh says:

    What about night mode?

  17. Great video bro amazing Angle Loved the scene and sounds are absolutely amazing keep the videos coming:)

  18. Rithesh R says:

    Nice one..keep posting more…felt like in the train..

  19. Very good video in Indian railway

  20. Ayan Das says:

    Emd locomotives are best

  21. Nilesh Jha says:

    Jungle jhaad dekhke lagta hai up bihar waala isaka hai

  22. Mai loco pilots banu GA muje engine ki dhak dhak acche lagte hai

  23. Ah what acceleration! Sheer music to the ears bro

  24. Bhai mai Valmiki Nagar se hu

  25. ashraf khan says:

    Did you get theredid you get there

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