Wild Dog and Hyena Interaction – Londolozi TV


View the full story here: A lone wild dog comes across a hyena after calling for …


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29 thoughts on “Wild Dog and Hyena Interaction – Londolozi TV”

  1. Sonny Gough says:

    Natural enemies. Was the Hyena sick?

  2. Thats a male hyena, much less nasty then the females

  3. Banditka 95 says:

    It looks like the Wild dog wants to play with the hyena? It looks so cute ^.^

  4. tamtam says:

    a stray wild dog and a depressed hyena?

  5. 'Hit' – read 'the'.

    F@@@ing Microsoft.

  6. Cedric J says:

    Survival is the number one priority in the wild and all the animals realize it. They're very smart. They don't engage in unnecessary fighting only when it's necessary. That's why lions put up with hyenas, hyenas put up with wild dogs, etc. And sometimes you see weird associations because survival is number one.

  7. Abyss says:

    Must be a male hyena..

  8. the hyena would kill the wild dog if it gets a chance

  9. Wildog : hey fella, lets play!
    Hyena : not now, leave me alone
    Wildog : ah, come on play with me
    Hyena : No
    Wildog : why fella, i will be a good friend
    Hyena : you are ugly
    Wildog : Ok, i will find another one
    Hyena : hey hey hey, wait!! i was just kidding

  10. Встретились две родственные души по духу ! Два социальных изгнанника ! Только понять не могут почему мы такие разные внешне, а желания одинаковые !!! Видимо это такой момент когда инстинкт отключается и появляется что то более сильное , возможно разум .

  11. CHERI ROSS says:

    I think that hyena could of eaten that dog, but maybe they both were just"looking for company",lol

  12. Clyde Pratt says:

    I think that they were playing together

  13. bucky rocky says:

    Two similar animals who never wants to live alone.

  14. Wow animals of different species get along better than people do.

  15. Wild dog is like small version of hyena

  16. swumi turbo says:

    Is this solo the wild dog???

  17. Marc 0 says:

    there is a great documentary on a dog who lost his entire pride. I believe the film called him spot. But he soon found a place in hyena society, When that crashed down on him he joined a welcoming jackal family. the dog treated the family as his own, even feeding their cubs.what we see here is the dog trying to play with the hyena. but of course hyenas dont interCt like this so she has no clue what the dog is doing.

    imho dogs are the smartest carnivore in africa. look how he has even picked up on how hyenas communicate, because dogs do not howl in the direction of the ground. this is distinctly hyena communication. hyenas can hear this type of call much better than if the call happened upright

  18. John Migwi says:

    They are lonely and depressed

  19. Tello 64 says:

    🎵Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends🎵

  20. Mike Caleta says:

    Amazing sworn enemies can get along.

  21. Mike Jones says:

    Anyone says hyena wins ten outta ten fights are wrong depends on the personalities dog laid down with back turned .that wild dog knew one on one hyena no threat you wouldn't do that And your human 😀

  22. Hyena and wild dog mixed

  23. HIROO ONODA says:

    They both should hunt alongside to survive

  24. Just shows how big hyenas are

  25. Whoami? ? says:

    Caution this vehicle is reversing, Caution,,,,

  26. Wild dog and hyena 💖💖😍😍😘😘👏👏👍

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