Wild Dogs Disturb a Warthog's Bath


This warthog thought it could take a relaxing bath at the lodge’s pond, but it appears not… This gets a bit graphic. BOOK YOUR TRIP TO KRUGER: …


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41 thoughts on “Wild Dogs Disturb a Warthog's Bath”

  1. Tara Malara says:

    Why didn't you stop it

  2. LIGHT says:

    the Warthog was setup 😭😭😭

  3. It's all planned they were soaking him in water so that the skin gets soft and it 'll be easy for them to eat him like cheese

  4. Frank says:

    The wild dogs pulled him to safety because they thought he could drown. : )

  5. CHERI ROSS says:

    No one can say that pig didn't scream for help!!!

  6. Iverzuni F.I says:

    I hate incomplete video which get me guessing the final part….

  7. Joel Andres says:

    He dropped the soap

  8. Mike De paz says:


  9. Yeah he's fucked 😐

  10. "Disturb"? Haha
    Its more..pulling him out of the shower..

  11. mouse trap says:

    Lol he cleaned him self for them to eat him thats thoughtful

  12. 72defender says:

    Love your videos but why are they almost always so short?

  13. sammy amin says:

    Excuse us plz we just want to eat u …

  14. Am ine says:

    That's more than just '' disturbing ''

  15. soylentdean says:

    I hope the wild dogs had the good manners to thank him for cleaning himself up before they tore him to pieces and ate him.

  16. Pork slab for the wild dogs' lunch

  17. Tea kettle is very loud huh?

  18. The warthog was holding his own at first until the other pack members came the pig said back the heck up

  19. Poor piglet could’ve been the next Michael Phelps 🥓🥓rip

  20. Kinghavs says:

    Wild dogs – Monsieur.. would u prefer a warm blood bath today
    Warthog- no.. i was just finishing up here..
    Wild dogs- we insist…

  21. He kept using up all the hot water. He had it coming.

  22. god here says:

    well cant eat a dirt pig

  23. It must be nice to have dinner that cleans itself before you eat it.

  24. Khyoda Joy says:

    Damn song by a warthog🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. David Cortes says:

    Aah yes yes scream little piggy, nobody is going to hear you as they devour your warm guts

  26. It was last wish, to have a bath before dead sentence!!!

  27. Dan Fraser says:

    How rude…at least let it dry off first😮😠

  28. kisuna mayan says:

    this is the way eating aunthentic shabu shabu in africa


  30. 819 duckheads did not like this clip

  31. God says:

    This is what happens when you sleep with a girl who has 8 elder brothers.

  32. Does switching to Geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?

    Did the little warthog cried "wee, wee, wee" as its bath was getting disturbed?

  33. Disturbed? A gentle word. Why not say slaughtered.

  34. beautiful nature that God created where life thrives in pain and suffering

  35. A. Giro says:

    It escalated quickly :from having a bath under the sun to being eated alive by dogs.

  36. Sweet! The scene that was cut out from the lion king when they were having their hot tub session xD

  37. Glad they found a good meal. Hopefully a bigger one next time.

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