Wild Topi Fight | Maasai Mara Safari


Topi males fighting for control of a lek Topi males establish leks which are territories that are clustered together. These territories have little value outside of the …


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25 thoughts on “Wild Topi Fight | Maasai Mara Safari”

  1. Nick Casper says:

    Truly is amazing how technical it gets but the juke moves tho kinda made me laugh, like a typical male puffin his chest up, " u want some bro", then came the seriousness again. Lol

  2. Beautiful Topi. Seriously fighting. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow Amazing

  4. Great video 💪
    Thank you so much 👍

  5. Sketch_Sesh says:

    Amazing how low they get.. I suppose if one doesn’t get low enough the other could get underneath and gut him

  6. AJAJ ajaj says:

    Always the best vids pixa and sounds always done perfectly thx RTR u are truly the best at what u do

  7. Nice video. Thank you for this good time spent with you. TIK TOK FRIENDS

  8. Sincere One says:

    I never have any regrets subscribing to this channel 🙂

  9. John Waid says:

    Cool nice catch of this fight going on. Didn’t realize they got that low and fought on their knees that’s incredible to see. Thanks for your time and you are the best at what you do!

  10. My money is on is the one with horns 😄

  11. Oh wow just Love Your Videos Rob and hope You have a Awesome Day and Thanks again for sharing this Beautiful Nature with us 🙂 ❤❤

  12. Super cool footage and great sound. Love the clacking sounds and it’s interesting how they go down on their front legs. -ANRT

  13. Booma Works says:

    Zack Kassian vs Matthew Tkachuk

  14. Pius222 says:

    Reminds of the helmets to helmets contact of the NFL.

  15. Quoc Mai says:

    Probably they have learnt to combine boxing and UFC fighting techniques from man.

  16. 👍☘️🇮🇪 very good video sharing again rob

  17. Hi all rob's team !👐Romania Africa – Kenya👐
    P.s. The chinese to see their job!
    We have jobs for the chinese…etc , ☎☎ in RONANIA.

  18. Jared S says:

    looks just like the Asian water buffalo contests , 1st 1 to turn loses

  19. Linda M says:

    Hey rob and crew!! Wow never really saw one of these up close. Really kool how they use the knees. Tall legs. Beautiful animal. Rutting.. tysm for sharing my friend ❤

  20. Awesome says:

    That has got to hurt. Awesome footage, like always. Thank you Rob

  21. Tim G says:

    Probably fighting over a female

  22. Ikeyse says:

    One will get injured and be eaten by a lion or leopard

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