Zoological wildlife foundation is the best foundation for protecting animals


Zoological Wildlife Foundation is one of the amazing places in Miami to visit. It is basically an organization which is started by Maria and Mario Trabraue because of their passion towards wildlife. Their main agenda is basically to make people aware about conservation of wildlife on the planet. They have maintained the zoo so well that anyone who visits it always takes away good memories with him. They have even taken several steps and put in their bets and honest efforts to achieve their goal. Zoological Wildlife Foundation wants to improve the condition of endangered species on earth by drawing attention of the society and also suggest some measures. According to them the best measure to improve on the condition is through the people who are educated because they will understand the concept nicely and will taken certain steps required for the main agenda.

By creating certain programs which contain the vital information about the diet, native habitat etc, they have created a different identity as a zoo for nature and wildlife lovers.  The Zoological Wildlife Foundation is like an adventure park where one can meet the animals and admire them and on the other hand can have a lot of fun by keeping him buy with the various things and activities going on around the zoo.  They offer a chance to interact with the bids and the animals in the zoo. Usually people are scared of animals but at ZWF Miami, people are interactive with the animals.

You can even see pet animals there. They have established a partnership amongst the conservationists and the global network to promote their idea of conservation. The zoo is spread over an area of five acres and if you are looking for a place where you can click pictures with the animals, then ZWF if the ideal place to visit. ZWF Miami is counted as one of the top zoos and tourist attraction in Miami. This is only because of their special packages and unique programs which has helped it to reach the top position. They have a team of an experienced staff which is fully dedicated in promoting the idea of conservation of animals and telling the visitors interesting facts about the animals there.

The wildlife lovers can also pose their photograph with a tiger cub or a clouded leopard and can also have a closer look of the animal under the guidance of a professional. Interested visitors can book their reservation through phone calls, e-mails or online. It has also recently bagged the twenty first positions amongst the top zoos of the world. ZWF Miami provides shelter to those endangered species which actually need to be protected. Endangered species are those species which are rare species on earth. These species are knows for their different breed altogether. Since, they are very rare to found, Zoological Wildlife Foundation preserves them and protects their species with total care.

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