A One-Day Trip to the Oregon Pacific Coast

Highway 101, or the Pacific Pacific Scenic Byway, 363 miles or 584 kilometers long, stretches along the Pacific Ocean from the borders of the state of Washington to the border of California.

From the picturesque view of the vast ocean, deserted sandy beaches, numerous ocean cliffs and the majestic Coastal mountains, breathtaking. Observation platforms are equipped along the entire route, from where a magnificent panorama of the endless Pacific Ocean opens.

Almost all coastal cities are tailored to the needs and requirements of tourists eager to enjoy the fantastic views of the ocean and breathe in a unique brackish sea breeze.

It has everything you need for a comfortable trip: hotels, shops, restaurants, historical and maritime museums, theater and music theaters, art galleries and observation decks.

If you want to go to the ocean on a sea vessel for an excursion or for exciting deep sea fishing, use the services of charter companies, which are located in many ports of the Oregon coast of the Pacific Ocean.

You can endlessly list the types of outdoor activities on the coast, such as surfing, riding a quad bike along the dunes of the coast, catching crabs and mollusks, searching for agates, beach combining, but the list will not be complete anyway.

The coastal city of Astoria, located at the mouth of the Columbia River, is the earliest settlement on the northwest coast of the United States.

The city of Warrenton is located eight miles from the city of Astoria on the opposite side of Youngs Bay.

Thanks to gorgeous sandy beaches and a fantastic panorama of the Pacific Ocean, Seaside, about 150 years ago, has become a favorite beach resort resort, an oasis with great opportunities for sports and other leisure activities.

What first comes to mind when mentioning the name “Tillamook”? We dare to assume that, at a minimum, the second association a, most likely the first will be dairy products and the famous Cheddar cheese.

The popular coastal city of Lincoln City, known for its even, wide, seven-mile long beach stretching along the Pacific coastline.

In Newport is one of the largest aquariums, where you can learn all about the underwater life of the western coast of the Pacific Ocean.

A small town on the Pacific coast, Yachats differs from other cities on the Oregon coast in its steep coastline of volcanic origin (black basalt) with many crevices and cavities.

The pearl of the Pacific coast, the city of Florence is located almost in the center of the Oregon coastline. The city is famous for its rich history and magnificent views of the Siuslow River and the Pacific Ocean.

Located on the northside of the Bay Eria, North Bend is surrounded on three sides by Cous Bay Bay. The official symbol of the city, the grand Conde McCullough Memorial Bridge.

Coes Bay is located on the banks of the largest Pacific Gulf of Coos Bay in Oregon, which flows into the river of the same name.

The small fishing village of Charleston, located on the shores of Coes Bay, is part of the Bay Eria region.

The town of Bandon, near the estuary of Coquville, is known for its kilometers of sandy beaches and is one of Oregon’s coastally undervalued cities.

The Western Pacific coast of America is a legislator in the field of offering services in the field of outdoor activities and sports. There are many opportunities for those wishing to be involved in outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, surfing, fishingPsychology Articles, whale watching and fur seals.


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