Luxury Safari

A concept like “luxury safari” seems contradictory, since “safari” means being out in the bush, in the natural habitat of wild animals, whereas “luxury” implies the best of what modern man has become accustomed to.  South Africa has a number of fine game reserves, one of which, Madikwe Game Reserve, is known for combining “luxury” […]

A One-Day Trip to the Oregon Pacific Coast

Highway 101, or the Pacific Pacific Scenic Byway, 363 miles or 584 kilometers long, stretches along the Pacific Ocean from the borders of the state of Washington to the border of California. From the picturesque view of the vast ocean, deserted sandy beaches, numerous ocean cliffs and the majestic Coastal mountains, breathtaking. Observation platforms are […]

The Boreal Forest – deep ecology of the north

Reporting on the spiritual ecology of any given arena of nature becomes a fairly daunting ambition.  Consider, for example, the starscape of a boreal night, or the endless conifer forest, or the billions of songbirds celebrating residence through the light-steeped boreal summer.  Any of these aspects, while enticing on a journalistic level, wordlessly fill the […]

Facts about Our Ecosystem You Ought To Know

Its components include microorganisms, animals and plants; minerals, rocks, and soil; as well as the local atmosphere and surrounding water sources. Even the body of an animal can be considered as an ecosystem due to the interaction of several processes happening on the inside and outside of it to sustain the life of the animal. […]

Wild animals need us

Wild animals are animals that have not been domesticated. Along with the boost in inhabitants we have now encroached upon places that used to form a habitat for such wild animals. Which is why you would not have to go inside the forest to find a wild animal. Humans have learnt to co-exist with many […]