Wild animals need us

Wild animals are animals that have not been domesticated. Along with the boost in inhabitants we have now encroached upon places that used to form a habitat for such wild animals. Which is why you would not have to go inside the forest to find a wild animal. Humans have learnt to co-exist with many of the wild animals. It is not unusual in lots of places to have a deer, bear, leopard, coyote and in some cases alligators visiting us in your backyard.

With their forest cover shrinking day-to-day and shortage of prey to feed them, wild animals head towards homes looking for food. Many these animals employ a high sense of smell, this means they could easily smell what iscooking at home or the leftovers you dumped inside trash can. This brings them to your backyard. Many these wild animals mean no harm; they’re just there to feed themselves on the leftovers. Is not like they could burgled a property murder everybody so they could have good dinner.

The initial thought in your mind when we see these wild animals around us is that they are there to feed on us. Which ends up in us instinctively going on offensive to drive them away. But this act of aggression could be misunderstood by the animal and may lead it to defend itself which ends up in difficulties for the people involved. More often it is the wild animals that loose on this conflict. First their natural home and after that their life.

Wild life is very beautiful. They belong of their natural habitat each one of the animals plays a role in maintaining the ecological balance. If one these animals goes extinct it can cause a cascading effect whose results would appear after a period. Plus the effect would probably not be good.

It is peaceful to watch these majestic creatures in their natural surroundings. To see an alligator lazily floating on the surface of lake, a deer leaping through the woodsFree Web Content, monkeys hanging from trees. It is actually even cuter to observe these wild animals with their young ones. To look at them take care of their offspring.

Humans need to search for a way to live and let live. We have to find alternate materials to switch our reliance upon forest. And even more importantly humans ought to be more humane and stop the merciless killing of the magnificent creatures just by a game.

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